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Sergio Reccomends: Osteria di Meati

Name Sergio
Marital Status Married
Age 54
Small Children No
Occupation Bookstore owner

Sergio owns a bookstore in Lucca, and is the head of the Lucca Shambhala meditation center, which happens to be right in our building. He has lived all of his life in Lucca.

Osteria di Meati

Phone 0583-510373
Website www.luccaonline.it/clienti/osteriameati/index.html
Location via della Chiesa, Meati (Lucca), a few kilometers southwest of Lucca
Price Moderate (four courses and house wine for 20 euros p.p.)

This restaurant used to be an old horse and cart station where travelers would stable their horses and go in for a good meal. The meals are most typical of the Garafagna, a mountainous region north of Lucca. In the summer there is outdoor seating in a beautful garden. A typical meal might include a antipasto misto (mixed antipasto plate of various deli meats), zuppa di cipolla (onion soup), or zuppa di farrro (a soup made from cracked buckwheat and pureed kidney bean), grilled Florentine steak, and the dessert of the day. Says Sergio, "I like this place because it is removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a location that is slightly elevated to give a good view of the countryside, and of course, you eat really well here. My favorite dish is the Tortelli, and I would definitely recommend the antipasto misto as an appetizer."

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posted by gina, 2005-04-25

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Stefano recommends: A Palazzo

Name Stefano
Marital Status Married
Age 44
Small Children yes
Occupation Salesman

Stefano's wife just had their second child, so he doesn't have much time to go to the restaurant right now, but he still gave us a very good tip:

A Palazzo

Phone 0583-965-341
Location Via S. Giusto Brancoli 3160 - 55100 (LUCCA), north of Lucca, up 10 km along the Sergio River take highway SS12 toward Abetone. Take the first exit for Ponte A Moriano, drive through the village, in the next village look for signs for Brancoli, Omgreglio, Gignano on your right. After 100 mts turn left toward S. Giusto di Brancoli. The restaurant is 3 km up that (very narrow!) road.
Prices medium range, antipasti, main dish, dessert, wine, water 15 -20 euros p.p.

"I really like this restaurant for summer dinning because it has large outdoor seating that provides a spectacular view of Lucca. The interior is equally charming, very rustic and homey. The food is country Tuscan, made simply with fresh ingredients. Some of my favorite dishes include: Spicey Stewed Wild Boar (Cinghale), and Tortelli in Ragu (like a spiced meat raviolli in a red meat sauce). I had a good local wine there once called, Maulina that I would recommend to anyone ordering for the first time. The road going up is farely narrow so take it slowly. Also, parking can be tricky in the summer."

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posted by gina, 2005-04-03

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Andrea recommends: Al Porto

Name: Andrea
Age: 36
Marital Status: Married
Small children: yes
Occupation: Owner of 'The Millenium Bar/Café"

Andrea in the owner of the coffee shop down our street. He has lived in Lucca most of his life, and he knows very well the area, especially the restaurants and bars around Lucca.

Al Porto

Phone: 058356619
closed Mondays
Website: www.ristorantealportolucca.com
Prices: medium range
Location: via Nottolini, 2 San Concordio, (Lucca) (5 minute walk outside Lucca walls, exit pedestrian exit Porta a Vapore.

"All ingredients are brought in fresh daily from the market so the menu changes constantly. I've had some really delicately cooked fish that was super fresh. The wine list is extensive and includes good regional wines that start at a reasonable price. The atmosphere feels warm and yet a little on the posh side. During summer there is a garden with an outdoor gazebo where you can dine. The prices range from medium to expensive. Allin all, this is a great place to dine because you get really well prepared food in a beautiful setting."

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posted by gina, 2005-03-12

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Simone recommends: Lombardo

Name: Simone
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Small Children: No
Occupation: Barman

Simone works at the bar down the street, where every day he serves hundreds of cafè, macchiati and capuccini to the students from the neighbouring all-girl high-school. Despite being born and raised in Lucca, he is a fierce tifoso of AC Milan.


Location: via Pieve Santo Stefano #69 in Pieve S. Stefano, outside city center, slightly northwest of Lucca, about a 20 minute drive. Call for directions.
Phone: 0583- 394268
Closing Day: Monday and Tuesday
Prices: moderate to medium range

For a great meal at a reasonable price Simone recommends "Lombardo" in Pieve Santo Stefano. "This place is great for both families and single guys like me. The atmosphere is really warm and welcoming. The dishes are traditionaly Luccheses, simply done and made always with fresh ingredients. The menu changes too based on the season. The wine menu is pretty diverse with good wines starting at just 10.00 euros a bottle. My favorite dishes are: "Il farro", "Tortelli al Ragu", and the "Antipasti Misti". For an appetizer, main course, dessert, wine and coffee, I usually pay about 30.00 euros per person. The interior is rustic Tuscan with exposed wood beam ceilings, exposed brick walls, and an outdoor terrace for eating outside when the weather is fine. Great views that overlook the hills of Lucca.

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posted by gina, 2005-02-24

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About Ask the Lucchese

Who knows more about Lucca than its inhabitants, the Lucchesi? In this section we ask native Lucchesi to tell us a little about their town.

posted by michel, 2004-12-01

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