Meet Our Artisans

At My Tuscan Wedding, we specialize in organizing bespoke weddings that incorporate the local, artisan traditions of Tuscany. Most people choose to marry in Italy for similar reasons: the great weather, the world renown Italian Cuisine, and the fantastic variety of first rate wines. At My Tuscan Wedding, we'd like to add another reason to your list; Tuscany is renowned for its local artisan culture. Where globalization has driven most artisans out of business in the rest of the world, here in Tuscany, small ateliers have hung on, continuing to produce high quality hand crafted goods. Our raison d'être: To bring our brides and grooms together with these artisans to create truly one of kind, hand crafted weddings you won't find in any bridal magazine.

Your meal is created by one of our two resident chefs using the Slow Food network of providers to ensure wholesome, local produce and meats. Our resident sketch artist and architect will work together to design an absolutely unique event based on your vision of the day. Meanwhile, our local floral coop will source the majority of the flowers for your event within a 20 km radius of your wedding venue. For those wishing for an absolutely original wedding gown or bridesmaid dress, our resident seamstresses will work with you to create the gown you've dreamed of, all to your exact measurements.

Meet Mara

Trained at Florence University's prestigious art school, Mara has worked as a fresco and mural artist restoring the historical villas of Lucca and Florence for the past 20 years. Her fine eye for detail, and amazingly light touch with her artwork has made her our favorite sketch artist.

How it works: Our brides and grooms will normally have an initial consultation with Mara to describe to her their vision for the day. They then exchange inspirational photos and Pinterest boards to give Mara a clear idea of their tastes. Mara will then create a series of sketches that incorporate the themes of their wedding. Based on these sketches, the florists and architects can then become involved to further embellish the details of the event.

Meet Mariaelena

Trained at Florence University's School of Architecture, Mariaelena is an accomplished architect specializing in design with over 12 years experience in the field. Mari worked for three years in Spain as a lead Project manager involving large scale projects. Upon her return to Italy she opened her own studio specializing in the restoration of historic buildings and interior design. Her combination of creativity and logistical expertise make Mariaelena an outstanding resource for the My Tuscan Wedding Team.

How it works: Once initial sketches have been approved, Mariaelena takes over to achieve projects both large and small. Pinterest is filled with DIY items that can really personalize a wedding, yet most couples holding a destination wedding have neither the time nor the local knowledge necessary to source the materials required to achieve the DIY look. This is where our Mari comes in. The couple send Mari their Pinterest boards, photos and ideas for inspiration. Mari then comes up with a series of proposals that can encompass anything from special welcome signs, invitation tables with particular themes, photo booths, or even T-pees for the kids. Previous client requests have included large scale balsa wood romantic shading pagodas and even specialty bridges for cake cuttings.

Meet Chef Fabrizio Marino

Tuscan born but with a mother from Puglia who nurtured his love of fresh garden vegetables and a father who preferred heavier meat based dishes, Fabrizio Marino grew up with a rather diverse culinary background.

After finishing hotel school, he started working at Ristorante Cibreo, which is where he became disciplined and professional in the kitchen. ‘Cooking has been a saviour for me; I could have been in a lot of trouble otherwise,’ he says. After a few years at Baraonda in London and Artegaia in Florence, he met the legendary Swiss chef Pietro Leemann in 2008, who invited him to work at his restaurant Joia in Milan. This was the point Fabrizio’s cooking style really began to develop.

Joia was opened by Pietro in 1989, and gained a Michelin star in 1996 – the first vegetarian menu to win one in Europe. The food was the founding example of the ‘natural cuisine’ movement (Alta Cucina Naturale), a philosophy that respects nature and pays homage to its flavors. It was quite different to the cooking Fabrizio was used to, but Pietro’s way of doing things hugely influenced his style and he gained a newfound respect for nature and using the very best ingredients.

Fabrizio became head chef at the restaurant and held this position until 2016, when he joined the iPapaveri e Papere family. He now helps to run Papavere e Mare, and will be launching, Magese, an all vegetarian restaurant in San Miniato for October 2018. The creativity and flexibility that he brings to the world of catering is what sets him apart from everyone else. When you have Chef Fabrizio in your kitchen, your wedding meal becomes a gourmet experience.

Bio courtesy of Great Italian

Meet Monica and Analisa

Monica and Analisa have been making bespoke evening gowns, wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses here in Lucca for the past 15 years. They have a small atelier in the center of the city frequented by the best dressed ladies of the city.

How it works: Upon your first consultation, you and or your bridesmaids are measured by Monica and Analisa. You show them pictures of the type of dress you'd like, discuss any modifications you'd like to make and establish the type of material you'd like them to use. An initial time line is created for the creation of the garment and any possible fittings. Should you only have time to come for one visit, Analisa and Monica can do all of your fittings in a reduced 4 day period. At the end of your timeline, you have a unique, one of a kind dress that is made to order and fits you like a glove.

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