As with any medium, wedding photography has undergone a major transformation in the last 10 years. Gone are the static standard poses, one after another, to be replaced with candid, relaxed shots of the couple, the guests, food, venue, flowers, etc…This new style is called photo journalism and has become wildly popular in Italy. When one receives their album, it almost feels like you're flipping through a fancy fashion magazine. The pages are beautifully arranged, some in a series of small photos that tell the mini story of the bride preparing for the day, while other pages have full blow-ups of just one important photo. The album is a visual story book. It recounts the highlights of the day; the laying out of the brides gown in the morning, Mom helping her into her dress, the groom chatting with his mates trying to hide his nerves, Dad tearing up as he gives you away, the smiles of your guests as they witness the big, "I do" as well as the less noticed moments such as the chef putting the final touches on the cake and the flower girl who couldn't help but twirl around in circles in her new dress. It holds a charm and specialness that few things these days can surpass.

Luckily, we are in the age of the digital photo, so we can now offer you a variety of photo packages that run the gamut, from full service photographic packages with two photographers, the album and all your shots on a high res cd, to more bespoke packages for a shorter mid week service, where the professional photographer provides you with the original photos they took of you on the day and you create your own album.

Videography is also an extremely important element to the marriage. Everyone loves the wedding video when its done but no one appreciates pushy videographers blocking their view of the bride and groom. Our videographers have years of experience and show the maximum of discretion while shooting. They set up their lighting and space ahead of time to ensure that they are not invasive during the day. Their style is also similar to the photo journalistic style of our local photographers. They often shoot long scenes of the road taken to approach the venue, interview the wedding guests, record the speeches and get in the mix when the dancing begins. Their editing skills are why most people hire them, however. When you see a wedding video they produced, you think you are watching a movie! Gone are the long boring stretches of video where no one seems to be doing anything. In their place is a story, music, atmosphere, and life! It is a wonderful retelling of the day and one you will be glad to have, as every bride and groom will tell you, the day goes too fast and there will be many moments you'll have missed. To have someone to capture it all is a truly precious gift. Write to us and ask about a demo. We can post it to you to view, free of charge. We're certain once you've seen our videographers in action, you won't want to have your wedding without them.

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