Italy, home to the adorable Cinquecento, sexy Lancia Aurelia Convertible, sporty Spider and muscle cars like the Lamborghini and Ferrari. We are blessed with a large and vibrant vintage car culture that allows us to offer a huge variety of fun and exciting ways for you to make your romantic exit into the sunset. Prefer something a bit more nostalgic? The city center of Lucca has horse and carriage service that can pick you up at Orsetti Palace just after the ceremony and take you on a scenic tour of Lucca, great for pictures and a relaxing way to enjoy a private moment together before arriving for cocktails.

Usually, when one thinks about wedding transport in their home country, the mind turns quickly to vintage cars for the bride and groom and when you marry abroad, certainly this is also one component of the transport equation. However another factor that is loads less sexy but extremely important and often overlooked is the transport you provide to your guests to your chosen wedding venue. Unless you choose to have your wedding at an all in one site where both ceremony, reception and accommodation are all included, you will inevitably have to face the question of coach hire. The last thing you want is for your guests to be driving back on a windy country road in a foreign country tipsy and looking for their hotel. Clearly bad things could happen. Well organized transport for your guests is an element to your wedding that if done properly, no one will notice, but if overlooked or poorly managed, can ruin a wedding. Many Tuscan towns do not have large taxi companies with an unlimited number of cars on duty 24/7. What is more likely the case is that they have 5 to 10 cars on a Saturday night on duty, (less during the week), spread throughout an extremely wide area. To avoid uncomfortable situations at the end of the evening where everyone is waiting for a cab and the owner needs to close up, we recommend hiring small coaches able to navigate the narrow country roads that often lead you to that perfect panoramic setting. These shuttles can be run every hour on the hour from cake cutting to last dance so that there is ample transport for everyone and no one is left waiting for a cab that never arrives.

When choosing your wedding venue, we recommend that you consider the road that leads to the venue. If it is narrow and windy, ask the owners how big of a bus can reach the venue. Some turns are so narrow that long buses just can't make it up certain roads, so this is a really important question to ask. Based on the answer and the number of people you have in your party, your budget can change pretty dramatically. If you are dining at a place where you can only get a 16 seater up to the venue and you have 80 people, imagine how that will effect the cost of transport. Instead of hiring a 52 seater and a 30 seater, with only two drivers to pay, you are now looking at hiring five 16 seaters, with three more drivers to pay! At My Tuscan Wedding transport is a crucial part of the decision making and planning process. We ensure that you arrive at your destination comfortably and return safely.

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