San Casciano dei Bagni: Daniela

Daniela is a restaurant in the thermal spa town of San Casciano dei Bagni, in the pedestrian only part of the town. It was actually recommended to us by one of the policeman that work at the police station accross the street.

Upon entering Daniela, I was charmed by the interior made entirely of large white slabs of stone that towards the ceiling curved into an elegant arch. The tables were set simply with a sole tall candle and a brown paper mat as a table covering. All in all, I would characterize the ambience as rustic romantic. The view from Daniela over the Valley of San Casciano was also nothing short of spectacular.

There were so many delicious items to choose from on the menu that I had quite a hard time making up my mind. Dishes amongst the appetizers included: crostini with brocoletti, tomatoes and olive oil, antipasto misto with bruschetta, batter dipped deep fried veggies, and cheese-veggie tart. I chose the mixed salad with anchiovies, raddicchio, hard boiled eggs, arugala and cheese. It was delicious.Michel however had one of the best appetizers I've ever eaten, melted pecorino cheese over black truffles. It was heaven on a plate. Michel said it was o.k., which by French standards means out of this world.

I wish that I could remember the list of choices for the entrées, but as we were both intrigued by thelamb alla Daniela, neither of us could remember the rest of the menu. I will say that the wine list was extensive and well rounded. Our lamb alla Daniela came stewed in a slightly spicey tomato sauce with bits of rosemary and garnished with fresh mint leaves, surrounded by red marinated peppers. I really enjoyed this dish, I felt so badly when I was too full to finish it, because it was just too good to be true. We chose a red Brunello di Montalcino as our wine, that went perfectly with the meal.

For dessert, we split a Torrone mouse with orange sauce that was very good, except that the sauce could have been a little less sweet and the mouse a little less chilled.

All and all, this was a great dinning experience and I would recommend anyone visiting San Casciano dei Bagni to dine here. The total bill with a half bottle of water and two machiattos included came to 87.50 euros, which, given the quality of the meal, was well worth it.

posted by gina, 2005-05-20

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