About My Tuscan Wedding

About Gina and Company

Gina George-Rodriguez (linkedIn profile) is an American born Italian/English speaking wedding planner who lives and works in Lucca with a team of Italian event planners. This cooperation ensures that both ends of the cultural divide are covered. Your expectations are understood and implemented as you imagined them to be.

Gina will provide you with unparalleled personal attention through every step of both the planning process, ceremony, reception, and post reception activities.

A word from Gina

Weddings in one's own country can be a bit stressful to organize at times but with the help of family and friends we all get through it.

I started My Tuscan Wedding in 2004 wanting to be a friend to my brides and grooms as well as their wedding planner. I have had the privilege to share in so many special, unforgettable moments as a result of that philosophy. I've also noticed that the more time I spend with my clients during the week leading up to their wedding, the calmer they tend to be on the day of their wedding. It is much less overwhelming to hold pre wedding events, greet arriving guests, coordinate transport, etc... when you know you are not alone in the task.

My Tuscan Wedding has grown since then to include two Italian Wedding Planners and two Assistant Planners in training. As we grew, I made a choice to focus on customer care, quality over volume. A typical wedding season is very short, lasting from May to mid October. Many in the wedding planning business therefore feel the pressure to take on as much work as possible. I have chosen a different approach. I ask each of my wedding planners to consider every client as a friend in need. I ask them to commit themselves to just one bride and groom for the entire week leading up to their wedding.

That is the special My Tuscan Wedding Commitment, one wedding per week, no more.

That means we are completely present and available to you when you need us the most, accompanying you to hair, beauty appointments, acting as your personal interpreter during meetings with the florist, caterer, local officials, and photographer. We hope that our clients consider us a haven and a reference point during their stay in Tuscany. Did the hotel your guests booked lose their reservation and you don't know where to put them? Did the bus drop you off at a Piazza you don't recognize, it's late and you don't know who to call? No matter what the circumstance, MTW is the first place you can turn to for answers.

If there is only one number to put on your speed dial during your stay in Tuscany, it should be ours. That is the level of our commitment to you.

We know from experience that when the bride and groom are stress free and feeling well looked after, happy, beautiful weddings happen.

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