Wedding Venues

Lucca has a stunning variety of venues suitable for a wedding reception. We have divided them into 4 main categories: Historic Villas, rented for the day of the wedding as a reception venue only; Large Villas/Hotels with Accommodation, where you and your guest can stay for a long weekend or more as w ell as host your reception; Weekly Rental Private Villas for more intimate groups

Large Villas/Hotels with accommodation

For long weekend celebrations with groups from 30 to 130 people, these villa/hotels are an excellent choice as they usually have a restaurant as well as accommodation on site, so you sav e on rental fees and catering costs. They do not require the typical Sat-Sat week-long rental of the smaller villas. They are often extremely panoramic venues situated amongst olive grov es and grapevines that allow the natural beauty of their surroundings to speak for themselves. They are a great solution for those looking to have a relaxed, fun wedding where they can d ance the night away and then easily retreat to the quiet of their rooms.

Weekly Rental Private Villas

These villas are popular with couples wishing to hold a smaller celebration with a tight knit group of family and friends. Those with groups of 40 or under whose guests are happy to stay for a week long vacation should consider this option. In this scenario I recommend hiring a private chef or small catering company to provide the wedding meal and service.

Historic Villas

Another popular choice are a historic villa that can be rented for the day. In this case scenario, usually a local caterer is brought in to provide the table, chairs, waitstaff, etc and prepare and serve the food. Some historic villas now offer the possibility to hold a legally valid civil ceremony on their grounds, so are often a good choice for couples looking to keep ing the ceremony and venue all on the same site. No two villas are alike, so the wow factor certainly does come into play here when choosing a historic villa for your reception. Couples that wish to recreate the aristocratic splendor of days gone by often opt for this type of villa, as it provides elegance, originality and a touch of opulence.

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