Lucca Comics and Games 2011 - A guide to Lucca Comics

Lucca Comics lasted for 5 days this year, from Friday, October 28th to Tuesday, November 1st.
If you like comic books, mostly in Italian, games, from card games to role playing games, and above all seeing lots of costumed people walking the streets of Lucca (see pictures), you'll love Lucca Comics. If you want to join us next year, here is a brief user manual for the event.

First, you need to book, really, really early. All the hotels and B&Bs in Lucca and around are completely full for the whole convention. Then try to find something either in town (the best option) or near a train station. Finding a parking space is nearly impossible, and if you don't park properly, chances are that you will be fined.

Once in Lucca, there is probably no need to buy a ticket to enter the tents. For €15 and most likely a long wait, you get the right to enter the various tents where you can... spend your money on comic books and all sorts of gadgets. I can't even tell you what's the best ticket office to go to, because their location changes every year.
Better to hang around the heart of the action, between Piazza Napoleone and the Walls, by the Cafè delle Mura, and then on the Walls toward the stage on the right. That's where all the people in costume parade and will gracefully pose for photographers. Don't forget the compulsary Gelato break at the Gelateria Veneta, on via Vittorio Veneto.

There is no need to get up too early, as the Sun gets over the trees around 10:30am, which is when you will get the best pictures. In the evening, at that time of the year the Sun sets early, around 5:30 - 6pm, and most costumes aren't really designed for the cold. So everything is pretty much over by 7:30pm. You can still get some nice pictures in the dark though.

The 2011 edition was great: the weather was beautiful for the whole 5 days, which made life so much easier both for participants, no wet costumes this year, and visitors, the Sun helped a lot getting nice pictures.

More links, more photos:Flickr Group

posted by michel, 2011-11-13

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